About Charity Alliance Realty

Charity Alliance Realty is a primarily residential real estate brokerage that works with first-time buyers/sellers and investors in residential real estate. Charity Alliance Realty donates 10 percent of revenues to local and regional charities as chosen by clients.

Charity Alliance Realty was formed with two ideas in mind:

  • To create relationships that provide complete real estate services to our clients from the beginning of a transaction to long after it is complete.
  • To give back to the community through charitable donations made in honor of our clients

We are able to provide donations to charities by keeping our marketing costs low. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing, we depend on our clients to tell friends and family about the services we provide.

How it works

Donations are made at the completion of the transaction by Charity Alliance Realty in honor of you, the client. The organization receiving the donation is determined by you, the client. Any charitable or religious organization that is recognized by the IRS can receive the donation. To check if an organization is recognized by the IRS, check the IRS website, and be sure to look on the home blog postings for helpful links.

How the donation is calculated

The donation is calculated by multiplying the purchase/sale price by 10% and then multiplying the result by the commission rate.

Example: If the purchase/sale price is $600,000 and the cooperating commission rate is 3%*.

$600,000 x 10% x 3%* = $1,800

In this example the charity of your choice will receive a $1,800 donation in your honor.

*Commissions are not fixed by law and vary by transaction.